Shop & Retail Lighting​

Shop & Retail Lighting

Discover our range of LED solutions for the lighting of retail stores & Supermarket led lights. Get in contact with our customer service and start simplifying your light today

Laxapana office light Sri Lanka

Office Lighting

LAXAPANA office areas of lighting is suitable for the following: Corridors and stairways, Meeting rooms, Entrance areas, Open-plan offices, Offices, Sanitary areas​

hospital light Sri Lanka

Hospital Lighting

Perfect light for health & care: innovative LED technology allows you to increase the well-being of patients and staff.Improve patient well being and staff performance with energy-efficient healthcare lighting systems, including healwell and tunable white LED light

Architecture lighting sri lanka

Architectural Lighting

The fashion design, one-piece heat dissipation structure of the heat dissipation ability stronger, irradiation uniformity to maintain a high level.

Education Lighting​

Education Lighting

The characteristics of long service life and no electromagnetic interference, very suitable for use in the environment to demand higher school classrooms, laboratories, stadium, etc lighting situations

Industrial lighting

Industrial Lighting

LAXAPANA Industrial lighting is suitable for the following: Warehouse ,factory ,Farms,Food Industry