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Laxapana High performance LED lighting for high-bay and low-bay applications offers High efficiency, longevity and maintenance savings. Laxapana LED Lights come with 5 Years Of Warranty. The range of LED lights Sri Lanka includes LED bay lights, LED panels, LED Flood lamps, LED area lighting, LED street lighting, LED Down lights, LED wet location lighting, Explosion Proof LED Lights, LED Temporary Work Light,LED Corn Light, LED T8 tube etc. The number one quality LED lights Sri Lanka

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LAXAPANA Ultra High luminous efficacy LED lights guarantee real 80% energy saving &  eliminate 100% of the maintenance costs. Has  broad operating temperature range -40C to + 60C. Laxapana is the only LED product In Sri Lanka  ensure that target light levels are met throughout the life of the system and having American & European certifications.
Our Commercial  & Industrial LED  Lights are designed to replace 250W to 2000W Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium and fluorescent lights fittings easily. High output , high efficiency & Super Bright is guaranteed. Switch to High quality Laxapana product before waste your money!

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LED Canopy

Linear Trunking System

LED Wall Pack Light

Temporary Job Site Light

LED Exit Signs

LED Desk Lamps

Waterproof LED Strip

LED Floor Lamp

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